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AMP Open House and Track Safety Clinic

by Adam Tharp

Want to learn how to drive on the track?

At this event, we will discuss how track driving differs from driving on streets, and the best way to become a better driver is to learn from those who have experience. The goal is simple, we want you to be comfortable driving your car on the track. This clinic is designed to help alleviate those concerns, or anxiety, about participating in track and autocross events.

At driving school, a safe environment is created through the interaction of briefings. In these briefings we discuss conditions, track rules, and the use of flags to communicate with drivers. Throughout the day, you will begin to learn the art of maintaining control of your car when it has exceeded its threshold of grip, either by design or driver error. This requires an understanding of how your tires grip the pavement, how weight transfers through turns, and how braking and acceleration affects your grip throughout the corners.

We will also show you the various nuances of being out at the track, including how cars are permitted to enter and exit the track, how drivers are expected to treat other track users to ensure a safe and fun time, the lingo used, what each flag color means, run classes, how to prep, and so much more. The day will be filled with lots of information, some good food, and great company!

Lastly, you will have a rare opportunity to be a passenger in a ride-along, with an experienced driver that will show how everything comes together and how some of these issues apply to actual track conditions. These laps will be done at reduced speeds to help the students better absorb the information.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, below, today! The event is free and lunch is included!


Drivers Education at Arizona Motorsports Park

by Adam Tharp

Join us at the Arizona Motorsports Park for the last Driver Education event of the season. This will be another great day at the track.

— Please register for this event HERE and then RSVP below in order to reserve your spot for this event. You must RSVP in order to attend. —

You must have a Snell 2010 or later helmet or you can borrow one at the track, if you sign up online.

Arizona Motorsports Park has sound restrictions of 96dB and you must pass sound to run. All untested cars will be tested the morning of the event.


**Please note that this is not an event hosted by Roadrunner BMW CCA, rather an event that we are attending in support of the automotive community.**


Bimmers at Bondurant

by Adam Tharp


COST: From $299.00

Prepare for a day of high performance driving fun at Bondurant Racing School. The BMW CCA – Roadrunner Chapter is partnering with Bondurant Racing School to host a BMW exclusive driving experience for drivers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a professional driver or have never stepped foot on track, this event will be a great opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, develop your driving skills, and get tips from the pros in a fun, safe, and controlled environment- led by the world-renowned Bondurant Racing School Instructors.

BMW CCA members and non-members alike are invited to attend and co-drivers are welcome. Non-member tickets will include your first year’s membership to the BMW CCA for the Ultimate Club Experience! Each driver will be placed in a group based on skill level so that everyone can feel comfortable driving at their own pace.

The festivities will commence on March 31st 2018 from 8am-4pm. Below is a summary of the driving activities:

  • Ground School – An instructor led drivers’ meeting structured to cover key driving fundamentals and outline the objectives/format for the day.
  • Skid Car Training (using Bondurant vehicle) – An invaluable understeer/oversteer exercise and fundamental lesson in car control. These specially outfitted vehicles perfectly simulate what most would call a “drift”, when in reality the students are learning how to balance the application of brake and throttle to counter a rear wheel or front wheel skid.
  • Auto-Cross (using your vehicle) – A miniature road course packed with numerous twists and turns, our layout is designed to build a foundation of the basics; vision, car control and “the driving line.” This is a great opportunity to experience a smaller track-like exercise to prepare the new track drivers or warm up experienced ones before entering a high-speed track scenario.
  • Lead and Follow (using your vehicle) – This is the final phase of the basic curriculum in which drivers will get on the actual track and follow their instructors at speed. This exercise illustrates the importance of “the driving line” and builds upon the “slow in, fast out” philosophy. The Lead and Follow exercise pulls together all of the other methods taught throughout the day and puts them in action at higher speeds than Auto-Cross and is hands down the most exhilarating of the 3.

Lunch will be available onsite and be sure to register early, since spots will be limited. Stay tuned for more info and we look forward to seeing you then! Freude am Fahren!

We look forward to driving with you and seeing your BMW on the track!


** Please follow the link below to register and, upon completion, you will be redirected to the ticket purchasing site. If you are not redirected automatically then please click HERE to purchase your ticket.

Registration Page