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AMP Open House and Track Safety Clinic

by Adam Tharp

Want to learn how to drive on the track?

At this event, we will discuss how track driving differs from driving on streets, and the best way to become a better driver is to learn from those who have experience. The goal is simple, we want you to be comfortable driving your car on the track. This clinic is designed to help alleviate those concerns, or anxiety, about participating in track and autocross events.

At driving school, a safe environment is created through the interaction of briefings. In these briefings we discuss conditions, track rules, and the use of flags to communicate with drivers. Throughout the day, you will begin to learn the art of maintaining control of your car when it has exceeded its threshold of grip, either by design or driver error. This requires an understanding of how your tires grip the pavement, how weight transfers through turns, and how braking and acceleration affects your grip throughout the corners.

We will also show you the various nuances of being out at the track, including how cars are permitted to enter and exit the track, how drivers are expected to treat other track users to ensure a safe and fun time, the lingo used, what each flag color means, run classes, how to prep, and so much more. The day will be filled with lots of information, some good food, and great company!

Lastly, you will have a rare opportunity to be a passenger in a ride-along, with an experienced driver that will show how everything comes together and how some of these issues apply to actual track conditions. These laps will be done at reduced speeds to help the students better absorb the information.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, below, today! The event is free and lunch is included!


Auto Detailing Clinic

by Adam Tharp


Cosmetic Maintenance Seminar


Come join us for a morning of fun at The Stables, where our very own BMW Club member (and co-owner of The Stables), Chris Gennone, and his crew will be very generously imparting detailing knowledge upon us.

The Stables operates a 20,000 sq. ft. storage and maintenance facility in the Scottsdale Airpark. Services provided include storage, detailing, restoration services and consignment sales.


Here’s a peek at some of the topics that we will be covering at this clinic:

Washing Your Car Properly




Paint Care (Including Clay Bar, Polishing, and Waxing)

“Quick Clean” Car Wash


Please RSVP, via email, to Joe Dawson (Email Me) in order to attend this event.