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Pazifik Eskapades 2021

by Paul Koreneff

Join us on our annual trip to the BMW Performance Center. Drive fast cars (theirs), display pretty cars (yours), relax at a 4-star hotel with special pricing, mingle with the National Board of Directors and Executive Officers, enjoy the restaurants in the Coachella Valley, visit unique sites and desert oddities, and reconnect with your BMW friends.

Pazifik Eskapades is a trip to the BMW Performance Center with a little bit more.  The location provides plenty of things to do besides driving BMWs for you, your family, and your friends.  We have a discounted rate at a four-star hotel so a family mini-vacation won’t break the bank.

The Performance Center Experience will provide you with several different models of BMWs cars, and a variety of exercises and track driving to appreciate those cars.  They pay for gas, tires, brakes, etc.; all the things that make tracking your own car expensive.  You’ll get to test drive brand new BMWs in situations you’ll never get if you just go to the dealer for a test drive.  You’ll also get a gourmet lunch after you are done driving, and a small memento of your day.  

This is a perfect way to introduce your significant other and/or your friends, to the incredible world of BMWs and performance driving.  It’s all on closed circuits, there are lots of first-timers, and it’s certainly safer than speeding on the freeway or drifting on the cul-de-sac.

If your companions aren’t into driving, the Coachella Valley has an astonishing variety of things to do.  Let them drive you to the Performance Center (you can hitch a ride back) then take the car and go explore.  See the list at Eskapade.bmwcca.org for activity suggestions and links.  Most of these options are available on Friday and/or Sunday also.

Saturday evening, after the sun goes down, there will be a Car Show at Old Town La Quinta.  We’ll have live music, BMW only parking (other parking is available), and a plethora of restaurants in which to have dinner.  Plus you’ll have a chance to see all your BMW friends who you missed during the pandemic*.

* Because of the fluid conditions caused by COVID-19 and its variants, please bring a mask.  You may not need it, but bring it anyway.

Auto Trefen on High Street 2021 – Postponed to Sept

by Paul Koreneff

Despite the current drop in new Covid-19 cases, the City of Phoenix (unlike the City of Scottsdale) is still declining to issue permits for events such as this. Accordingly, this event has been postponed yet again – probably to September.

This event was previously moved to this date – April 17th – from February 20th due to the Covid 19 epidemic.

Winter provides an excellent time for car shows. This one is the weekend after the Concours in the Hills.

We will be working with our fellow Deutsch car brands to present an event on High Street near Desert Ridge in Phoenix.

All proceeds with benefit the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Since 2008, the Pat Tillman Foundation has provided academic scholarships, professional development opportunities and a national network to empower the Tillman Scholar community. These scholars are making a difference in the fields of healthcare, business, public service, STEM, education and the humanities.

They empower:
  • Active duty service members
  • Veterans
  • Military spouses

Thanks to its many donors and supporters, Tillman Scholars are making an impact in the United States and around the world.

Learn more about the Foundation


If you plan to attend then please use the Register for Event button below. This will allow us to coordinate our members! Wait a minute after clicking once on the Submit button to allow the system time to process your request – you will receive a confirming message and an email.

Cars and Coffee in North Scottsdale

by Paul Koreneff

Come join us for our new format cars and coffee.

Our second location is the Florence Ely Nelson Desert Park on Pinnacle Peak Road near North Pima Road at 7 am on Saturday, June 13th.

The park is nestled between the shopping center (which contains the Starbucks referred to below) and the Highlands Church. There is a public parking lot that can be reached using the driveway at the far north of the shopping center parking lot (just past the Mastro’s Steakhouse and the Jade Palace).

Why the early hour? We will be congregating outside in the park and we want to beat the daily warm-up, but still be able to see (at a minimum of 6 feet distance) the friends we have missed during the Coronavirus stay at home order and the associated CCA embargo on in-person events.

What you need to bring:

  • A smiling face and cheery disposition
  • Stories on how you have handled life during the stay at home order
  • Your appreciation of the BMW brand – its good points and its not so good points
  • A cloth mask that effectively filters the air you breath, but that allows you to converse. Of course you will need to take it off in order to eat and drink. We encourage you to wear it at all other times.
  • A chair to sit on (standing on chairs, especially folding chairs, is not always good for your health)
  • A hat, so that you keep a cool head …

You can bring food and beverages or you can purchase them at the Starbucks in the shopping center.

When placing your chair and while moving about, we ask that you remember the social distancing guidelines and do not encroach on the space of others. This location has several Ramadas (that have picnic tables) that we anticipate will be vacant.

Register for this event below and be sure to include first names for all attendees so we can prepare name tags. Wait a minute after clicking once on the Submit button to allow the system time to process your request – you will receive a confirming message and an email.